My Birth Experience at Mercy

Having questions about your labor and delivery?

That’s completely normal. Giving birth is one of the most life-changing events you’ll ever have. It’s important to get as much information ahead of time to prepare for the big event.

While each pregnancy is unique, this booklet provides information about the labor and birth practices at Mercy, including:

  • Your labor support team
  • Pain management
  • Monitoring you and baby
  • Induction and water breaking
  • Cord blood donation and more

Immediately following baby's birth, we encourage skin-to-skin contact. Following a two-hour recovery, healthy moms and babies are transferred together to the Mother-Baby Unit. Your family will be cared for throughout your stay by nurses who are happy to assist with any baby care and teaching needed before going home. We also invite you to participate in any of Mercy's childbirth preparation programs. This step can help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

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