Mercy Joint Replacement
Mercy Joint Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery

If non-surgical treatments like medications and walking supports no longer help relieve your chronic knee pain, you may want to consider knee replacement surgery to relieve pain and improve mobility of the knee joint. Knee replacement surgery involves replacing damaged ends of the thigh and lower leg (shin) bones with new joint surfaces made of metal and plastic.

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Hip Replacement Surgery

If therapy or medicine no longer helps with your chronic hip pain, total hip replacement might be for you. With hip replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged area of your hip joint and replaces it with an artificial joint made of metal, ceramic or plastic. Materials used in making your artificial joints are strong and designed to last a long time inside your body.

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As we get older, we want to be active and live full lives. But joint pain can often interfere with even simple everyday activities such as sleeping, standing up and walking up stairs.

Is pain in your knees or hips affecting your quality of life? Talk to your doctor about joint replacement surgery. Ninety percent of hip replacement patients and eighty-five percent of knee replacement patients say they’re satisfied with their new joint. See if joint replacement is the right move for you.

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